Bring out the best in your child.

Olympiad offers a cutting edge program for children aged 6-12.
Harnessing the best educators to bring out the excellence in your child.
Enhanced Learning
The learning done in classrooms will be both rigorous and enriching but we do not limit the learning to within classrooms.
Olympiad International School aims at laying solid academic foundations and provide international level academic exposure.
To recognize and develop the uniqueness of every student’s potential and shape them as well-rounded members of the society.

„I offer new
perspective and a modern take
on classroom teaching.”

Miss Nurul Farisha Binte Irwan
English Subject Teacher, Grade 3,4 & 5
(Form Tutor – Grade 3)

enthusiastic educator
with a passionate commitment to student development and the learning experience.”

Mrs Sozhamanimozhi Jeganathan
Tamil, French & Informative & Computer Technology Teacher, Grade 1-5.

ABOUT SCHOOLOlympiad International School

Olympiad International School (OIS) is the brainchild of a team of educators with nearly two decades of teaching experience in Singapore. Education in Singapore is a very challenging yet a rewarding opportunity for students, especially expatriate children who will face stiff and relentless competition from their peers. OIS aims at bridging the gap between its students and the requirements of Singapore Education system by introducing the International Baccalaureate (IB) in its curriculum at the Primary Education level. Shaping a vision of academic success for, creating a climate hospitable to education and cultivating leadership qualities through novel teaching methodology will be the guiding factors of Olympiad International School.

Olympiad International School will strive to bring the best out of its students’ potentials and shape them as well-rounded individuals who can face the rigors of the future society which will be full of unique challenges and opportunities.

Welcome to join the Family of Olympiad International School.
CPE Registration No. 201838176G
Registration Period
25 July 2019 – 24 July 2021
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Grade 1-3
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Tuition Fees
Grade 4-6
Tuition Fees (Annual)
Tuition Fees (Monthly)
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