How will the communication be like between parents and teachers?

The school currently uses ‘Class Dojo’, a mobile application where parents, teachers and school leaders are connected. Through the application, teachers will be able to post updates on the daily work done in school as well as share feedback for parents. Parents can also use the Application to communicate to teachers and get updates on administrative matters.

In addition to Class Dojo, the school also uses the following modes of communication

  • Student Diary
  • Student Portfolio issued each semester
  • Parent-teacher meetings held every term
  • Student-led conferences held once a year
  • Displays of children’s work
  • Email
What are the school hours?

The school hours are currently from 9am-3.45pm. Students are to report to school by 8.50am in the morning and be prepared for their first lesson.

What will the curriculum be like at Olympiad International School?

The Curriculum that the school will be adopting is a self developed curriculum that places a lot of emphasis on Academics, creative thinking, critical thinking and exposure to sports and arts activities

What are the subjects that will be taught in the primary years?

The subjects that will be taught are

  • English                                                                               
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Mother Tongue (Hindi, Tamil, Mandarin)
  • Physical Education
  • Art
  • History
  • Geography
  • Third Language (French, Mandarin)
  • Knowledge of Inquiry
How many academic terms are there in a year?

There are 4 academic terms per year.

Term 1 : Jan – March

Term 2 : March – May

Term 3 : July – September

Term 4 : September – Nov

When will exams be conducted?

The Examination Schedule will be

Common Test 1 : March

Mid-Year Examinations : May

Common Test 2 : August

Final Year Examinations : Nov

What are the second and Third Language options in OIS?

The school currently offers Hindi, Tamil and Mandarin as second languages. For Third Language, students can opt between French and Mandarin.

Is after school Student care available?

Yes. After the school hours, we have external vendors who will be using some of the classrooms in our premises. Parents may reach out to them and make arrangements for students to stay back in school.

How are Co-curricular activities are conducted?

The activities are conducted within school hours. Every year, each student will be allowed to choose one sports activity and one arts activity that they would go on to do for a year. The current sports activity options that the school offers are Football, Taekwondo and Rhythmic Gymnastics whereas the arts options are Vocal Music, Fusion Dance and Guitar. In subsequent years, more activities will be added.

Are admissions open throughout the year?

Yes. As long as there are places available and that students meet all entrance requirements, we are able to admit students throughout the year  as we understand that some relocation plans are unforeseen or last minute.

Will there be any certificates given?

After each examination, there will be report slips given and at the end of the academic year, a certificate will be given to state that the students have completed their respective grades.

What is the average class size in OIS?

For Grades 1-3, there will be 15 students per class and for grades 4 and 5, there will be 18 students per class. The class sizes are kept relatively small so that there is more individual attention, increased participation and better communication between the teachers and students.

How are Snacks and Lunch Meals arranged in OIS?

Students may bring their own packed lunch. Parents who are not able to provide lunch at home may choose to make catering arrangements at school where the students can opt for either a vegetarian or non-vegetarian menu for the month.

What is the admission procedure at Olympiad International School?

For admissions into grade 1-3 of 2019, the admission procedure will be
⦁ Either fill up the enquiry form or fix and appointment to head over to our school
⦁ For Grade 2 or 3 admission, placement tests will be conducted in English and Mathematics.
⦁ Submit the relevant documents and pay the registration fees. Further details can be found on our admission process page.

Are admissions open throughout the year?
  • Yes